I’m no guru. I have no PhD. But I don't need one to know that relationships are work. All relationships - our family, the kids, your friends, customers. One cannot leave out, the significant other. We need to invest and nourish each connection or else they won't grow and flourish into those beautiful moments we all daydream about.

I’m starting this series of Couple’s Therapy to basically vent and laugh at my own life. Juggling relationships, especially the one I have with my fiancé, is a full-time commitment for which there is no manual for. Ask him and he will tell you the same and then begin to have heartburn. I’m sure many can relate.

He will also tell you that pretty much every argument that we’ve had I’m always one foot out the door.

Coming into the realization of this helped me grow a little bit because after 5 years and a kid I think its safe to say I’m not going anywhere.

So, in writing this, I’m hoping you can relate and that the comedy will bring you some relief; much like Married with Children does for me.

When Chelo the Barber met NYXL Beauty

I met my fiance on an online dating website 5 years ago. He’s the ying to my yang and vice-versa. Yeah, I know it’s gross. We concur. Of course, it’s not always like that. We balance each other out though. This life is not easy. We are not easy. So naturally, the universe stuck us toget

her to drive each other nuts.

We moved in fast.

Some people like to test the waters. I’m the one jumping in and belly floppin’. I’m on a need to know NOW basis. I don’t have time for later. My fiancé functions the same. I can’t speak for him as to why. All I knew is that we were going the same pace and enjoying the company. We moved in together within a month or so.

My son didn’t hate him. So that’s good.

My son is the coolest kid on my planet. I’m his biggest fan. Shout out to Ambitions - my aspiring artist. He loves hip hop as do I. Please check him out on SoundCloud by clicking here. You’ll catch yourself bobbin your head to his stuff.

My son was 14 at the time of introduction and my fiancé immediately became his barber, Chelo the Barber. There’s an unspoken trust between a man and his barber. With that, my son gave me the green light.

Fast track to 2015 and “mini-me”, our daughter, was born. Thus, making our crew a party of four.

We are big. We are loud. We like to eat. We argue and get on each other nerves. But you all know that that’s family. And if you don’t know, well you’re about to find out.

Tune in next week….

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