It wasn’t until recently that I thought sage was just a seasoning you cook with. That was the extent of my knowledge on sage. I had no idea of the POWER behind its existence. I recently burned some sage at home, also referred to as “smudging”. If you read my last blog post, Renting in NYC, you’ll immediately understand why.

The space in my home has been incredibly negative with the noisy tenant upstairs, among other things. It was time for a good house-cleaning and home-healing. I called up the cleaning lady and had her do a deep clean throughout the house and then I “smudged” myself and my home.

What is Smudging?

What I didn’t know is Sage is part of a ritual that dates back thousands of years. Sage rituals exists in many cultures worldwide. The one I am familiar with through a dear friend and colleague, is Native American; but I’ve read the ancient Greeks, ancient Egyptians, even parts of Asia all have used Sage for healing in some form.

It is said the smoke shifts the negative energy in the air by attaching itself to the negativity and then purifies the air. Boy does it ever. The second I brought sage into my home, there has been nothing but peace and tranquility. So you know I am a true believer. So much so I keep some in my bra.

How do you smudge?

Since this was my first time and I was completely clueless as to what I was doing, I phoned a friend - Shoot4theStars on Keen Psychic Readings.

She came to my home, took a walk around, gave me the tools and instructions on how to smudge and voila! The best decision I've ever made. The second she walked into my home I felt her energy and instantly felt safe.

You’re going to need a couple of things to get started:

  • White dried sage. Though there are different types of sage, you want to get a hold of white dried sage. You can click here to purchase.

  • Get yourself a glass bowl - to burn the sage in.

  • Matches or a lighter.


Before you get started, you need to clear your mind and focus on what you are looking to fulfill. You may say a prayer or repeat an affirmation. Whatever puts you in the place of peace and tranquility.

  1. Open the windows in the house. Let’s offer the bad energy a way to leave the home.

  2. Light the smudge stick and begin with yourself. You light it much like you would incense.

  3. Afterwards, go into each room and hit every doorway, corner and closet with the smoke. Make sure you hit spaces that are highly trafficked like the kitchen, or the living room. Remember to stay focused on your intention throughout all of this.

Shoot4theStars also mentioned to do my porch. So any outside spaces where you would gather, be sure to smudge them as well.

Once you’re done you should feel clear and calm. I’ve never felt more at peace living in NYC than ever. Especially when I thought I could never experience that in this particular apartment.

Sage regularly. Sage after you’ve had guests. Sage after an argument. Sage before moving into a new place. You won’t be disappointed.

I saw this video on YouTube by The Preservation Project. I’m that person that needs a visual so hope that helps.

Any questions or if you need a reading do reach out to Shoot4theStars. You’ll be glad you did.

Do feel free to leave a comment down below or a tip if you got 'em. I love hearing from you.

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