The time has come people. We are finally out of here. It was no easy task but alas we have found a new place to live. Good-bye to the douche upstairs. Hasta la bye-bye to the potholed streets that somehow after 2 years still are under construction. You have no idea how much this move is going to improve my sex life and that in itself is going to set off the domino effect and make everything else better! That permanent resting bitch face is going to actually turn into a smile! Hallelujah!

Finding an apartment was challenging this time around. If you're plus size like me there are other things to consider when apartment hunting, like spacing for example. Spacing, which is limited here in the city, is a high-priced ticketed item. One place I checked out, the bathroom was so small that my ass was touching the wall and my gut was touching the sink at the same time and all I was doing was just standing there. Like what if I drop something on the floor?!?!? How am I supposed to handle that?

When it wasn't problems with the apartment, then it was problems with the paperwork. The waiting to find out if we're approved took forever. Of course now that that's resolved, it's time to fork over the funds - the security deposit, first month's rent, the movers, paint, new furniture. The list just keeps growing. Its expensive yes, but oh so worth it. Stella may have gotten her groove back but this honey here got her sanity back! It feels like a fresh start.

Now as great a news as this is, it can be borderline stressful. I've moved over 10 times in my life; even during a snow-storm. So believe me I know. The only thing that makes moving exciting is the blank canvas we have to work with now. And then of course, there's the shopping. The best therapy money can buy.

A good thing to do is to have a plan though. I know things don't always go as planned. You're talking to someone who makes grocery lists and leaves them on the kitchen counter. But a list keeps a person in check and helps ease all the tension going on in the brain. It can get really cluttered up there. Sometimes, big projects like this you don't even know where to begin. So a to-do list is in order. Calibrate the mental and clear the mind.

I thought I'd share mine. In my last City Living blog post, Renting in NYC - Looking for an Apartment, I talked about finding an apartment and shared some tips. Now I'm sharing my moving mental chaos on a nice little list. This in turn is therapy for me:



Start with this and work backwards. When do you want to move in?


Once the move-in date is in place, set the date with the movers. Get a few quotes from a few different companies. If relocating without movers, which I've done as well, reserve the truck right away so that it's locked in for that day. Make sure to have paperwork in order. For movers, some buildings have special insurance requirements, be sure to get that squared away. There is no need for any extra added stress on move day. For truck rentals, some places require a deposit. Don't forget to have that license come pickup time.


Get boxes. If working with movers, boxes can be provided and most of the times delivered. But if relocating without movers, figure out how many are needed. Amazon has bundles. I love me a good bundle so below are a few. It all depends on the rooms - how many. Don't leave this to the last minute. All it does is create a mess in every sense of the way and we do not want to bring that into our new beginning. Get a few markers and some tape, make a little inventory list and label the boxes.

SETTING UP OF UTILITIES. Don't forget to switch the cable and internet over; electric and gas, too. Since those things generally are by appointment and they're scheduled out, set it up in advance. Last thing a person needs is to be internet-less with kids. Get that stuff handled.


I have no doubt in my mind the guy upstairs will throw out any mail that comes in my name. So I need to make sure my stuff comes to me. Thanks to the internet this can be done online now. Here's the link, for the USPS: Official USPS® Change of Address


If relocating outside of the current school district, paperwork needs to get started so that the transition is seamless.


Measure everything; the size of the rooms so we know how much paint to buy or what furniture will fit, curtains, rugs, etc. This one is a big one for me and my fiance - we do our own painting. Best time to paint is in an empty apartment. Since the apartment will be ready on the first of the month, I will begin painting on that day. I took a few days off from work. I can take my daughter to daycare so it's just me, my music and my roller.

I purchased my paint gear thru Amazon. With a toddler I have no patience to be in and out of stores and schleppin' the poor girl in and out of the car seat, all bored to death. But I will invite her to paint with me. Those are the beautiful memories born out of stressful times.

We are being given this apartment brand new, so we are investing in a professional to handle the installation of the multimedia. I'm pretty handy, but I'm no electrician. It's best to get this stuff out of the way while the apartment is empty and nothing can get damaged.


The night before. Confirm the times of the movers/ truck pickup. Take a shower and pack the last of everything. Get a good night's sleep.

The day of.

Rise and Shine. Order in a good breakfast delivery. Brush that hair and that bad breath away and let's do this. It's time to load the truck. Blanket the furniture so nothing gets scratched. Bag the mattress so it doesn't get dirty during transit. The Dollar Tree has plastic mattress covers for only a dollar.

The last thing to pack is the stuff in the fridge. Let that be the first thing to get unpacked as it arrives to the new spot.

Do a quick overall inspection of the old place and make sure it's left in the same condition as it was received in order to get that deposit back. I plan to purchase our new couch with that money.

Stay tuned people. I'll be posting up before and after pics of the new place. I can't wait to show you the transformation.

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