When the number of times I say "WTF" escalates, that's when I know it's here - PMS. The three letters most people do a 180º to run the other way. Also known as Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. I promise you this is not a rant. I just don't know how some women do it - remain graceful in the face of shedding.

The name alone sounds contagious. And in some ways it can be. There have been many times where I've completely sucked the air out of a room with my presence; totally affecting the space of others. In my defense, sometimes it's beyond my control. It's hormonal. Environment and lifestyle play a big role as well. How delightful would you be if you experienced some, if not all, these symptoms at the same time?

  • Cramps.

  • Headaches.

  • Emotions run wild. Sad to angry in 0-60. I've cried to movies like Transformers.

  • Breasts are tender and itchy.

  • Loss of balance. I bump into everything.

  • Drop everything. Ever notice that?

  • Unusually tired; even though you've been getting good sleep.

  • Nausea. Sometimes so bad it leads to vomiting.

  • Bloating. One of my friends referred to it as feeling like a "tub of lard."

  • Back pain.

  • Acne breakouts.

  • Arthritis flare up.

  • Psoriasis breakouts.

  • Starving one second. Can't stand the smell of food the next.

  • Taste buds can be off a little. It shows in my cooking.

  • Even diarrhea.

  • Depending on my stress levels and what's going on in my life, I bleed twice a month. My poor fiance. Bless his heart because he's the one who "experiences" this stuff along with me.

That's just a few symptoms. According to WebMD there are over 150 symptoms linked to PMS! Yes, you read that correctly - 150.

You almost feel like you're pregnant. That's because the uterus is preparing an egg for fertilization so you could get pregnant. If it isn't fertilized within a certain amount of time, it's a goner. That's when the wall of the uterus begins to shed its lining. Hence the bleeding. For a more medical explanation behind your menstrual cycle, click here. WebMD really breaks it down for you.

We need to discuss more important matters, like how to deal with this menstrual madness. Well, the good news is, there are just as many remedies as there are symptoms. I've tried many. Here are just a few:

  • If you have the vacation/sick days - use it! Especially if your PMS is more severe. Every case is different, so use your best judgement. You need to save days too for other ailments.

  • Sometimes you just need to rest. Take a nap. It goes along way.

  • Can't sleep? Read. Reading may actually lead to sleep.

  • Allow yourself to be! Don't feel bad for feeling bad. Just be with the funk. It'll pass.

  • Take it easy. You don't have to slay all day everyday.

  • Heating pad or hot water bag. I can't tell you how essential these are. For me it's instant relief.

  • Snacks. Something healthy would be nice but chocolate's feels better.

  • Green tea. My stomach is unsettled during PMS. The hot tea helps to soothe my stomach.

  • Loose clothing. There is no need to aggravate yourself more than you already are.

  • Acetaminophen or Ibuprofin. Either one of these pain relievers will work to ease cramps and headache.

  • Meditation is good for your focus. Helps balance your emotions. Try this guided video.

  • Yoga calms the nerves. Helps to promote relaxation.

  • Even exercise is good for you because it releases endorphines, which makes for a better mood.

  • Use a lifeline - Phone a friend or a family member. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone.

How do you deal with Menstrual Madness?

Drop a comment below. I'd love to hear from you.

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