New York will try your patience day in and day out. If it's not the traffic, it's the people. And when it's not the people, it's the cost of living. But hey so long as you stay in your lane, you're alright.

The thing about living in a city is there's more people; more personalities to contend with. The probability of running into a bad apple in the "Big Apple" is greater. Still, so long as everyone respects each other's space and remains courteous, it can actually be quite charming.

Or so I thought. Guess it's true: everywhere you go there's always that one person, right? It never fails. That idiot that feels so entitled and thinks they're on their own island. Guess where that idiot lives. Yup, right above me. I'm not sure what I've done to deserve it, but the universe has made the decision to put this obstacle in my way. This tenant is the most inconsiderate prick I've ever met. He's in his 20s, from what I understand, and you can tell his mother never finished raising him. Rude as hell and looks to argue with me any chance he gets. To boot, he's nocturnal and mostly active during the night when I'm trying to sleep. This complex we live in was poorly built with cheap material that I could practically hear the idiot farting upstairs.

What about the landlord, you say? He's completely useless and scared. Went down that road and it led nowhere. All he cares about is his pocket. Call the police? The police aren't always a solution either because they have bigger fish to fry. I've tried and the one time they show it made the situation worse.

Look I just want to sleep so I have the energy to go to work to be able to pay my bills like your average American citizen. Why has the universe delivered such a piece of shit? I don't know, but the negative energy coming from this is affecting my peace and serenity. Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary. Unfortunately, I don't even want to be home.

I thought I could tough it out here until I'm ready for my first home. Who wants to spend money on moving? I don't. But it's not worth the aggravation. This isn't healthy so I'm looking for a new place to live.

"But wait there's more!"

Relocating is not that simple. We can start with the rent being ridiculously high because of the high demand. I've visited a few listings already and it's really sad out there. These apartments are disappointing and depressing. The nerve of some people charging the amount they do for rent, meanwhile the finishes are so last century, pink tiled bathroom, infested with roaches or even worse, mice. Like are you fucking kidding me? These are rentals upwards of $2,000!

The frustration in finding a place and having to contend with this loser upstairs, I'm overwhelmed. And that's putting it nicely. I keep running into a wall. Can a sista catch a break already? I don't bother anybody. I'd rather not even speak to people!

Then it hit me....

This is God pushing me out onto the skinny branches. He wants me to fly because he knows I'm ready. He's making me feel uncomfortable because this is not where I belong. There's a bigger plan for me. So many questions - like why should I have to uproot my life so this scumbag can continue doing scumbag things? So many concerns - like how can I afford the higher rent? But I welcome it. I'm embracing the fear because it's going to fuel me.

All I keep doing is picturing what my new place will look like. I am MANIFESTING my new home. My new place is going to be even better than this dump and my new neighbors are going to rock.

First things first, what's my credit score?

Everyone asks about it these days. It doesn't have to be perfect. Mine isn't. When it isn't, it typically increases the deposit amount to make the owner feel more secure about having someone with lousy credit there. I've used Credit Karma. It's Free,

What's MY budget?

Consider the utilities. Is it move in ready? Or will I need to make it over? Am I borrowing a truck? renting one? or hiring movers?

I need to make sure I'm clear of the fees involved. Some require a maintenance fee if it's a complex. A pet fee, if I decide to have one. There's even non-refundable application fees. Which I feel is complete BS but it's legal.

Know where I want to live.

Select a few areas and jot them down. Take notice of logistics - how long to and from work or school. I do drive-by's on the potential locations to see the area at different times of the day. Is there a club close by? an Airport? Those areas tend to be noisier at inopportune times.

Have kids?

Check the school ratings. If they're low, may want to consider the next town over?

Check the demographic - if you're Jewish, for example, you'd want to move into a neighborhood that is kosher friendly. Is there a college campus close by? I'm steering clear of that. I need peace and quiet.

Invest in a realtor.

Believe me I don't want to give up the money, but it's hard finding an apartment, unless you know someone. Find the right fit too. There are agents out there that are hungry and then there are those who think they're doing you a favor. Be sure to identify the latter and don't waste any time with that. Don't get me wrong, there are homeowners who will post directly on other online platforms but these websites are just as polluted as a dating website. I have to fish through old listings that are no longer available. It's really a lot of leg work. I need an agent do it for me and it's best to go to the neighborhood where I want to live and find a realtor there.

Scoping out the place.

  • Have a list of must-haves ready. Don't waste anyone's time. Know what you want and stick to it and know what you're willing to bend on.

  • When you get there check all the appliances and make sure they work.

  • Take notice of smells. Look for mice droppings or roach motels because that's a clue.

  • If you're sensitive to noises like I am, make sure you get to the top floor then.

  • See a neighbor outside? Now's the opportunity to strike up a conversation. Get to know your potential new surroundings. Ask questions.

  • If you have a car, you're going to want to investigate the parking situation. If the place doesn't come with a spot, well then you'll need to park on the street along with everyone else. I know of a few people who sometimes take 45 minutes driving around in circles because there is no parking on the street.

I've moved over 15 times in my life. So I have just a little experience on this. All I can say is you just KNOW when you've found your home. You feel it in your gut and when you do, jump on it right away. Ever heard of a "New York Minute?" Don't sleep on it. Take the leap and fly. I am.

Will keep you posted. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram.


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