Ladies, you know that feeling you get when you look in the mirror and you're like, "I look gooooood." Well, it's been a minute for me. Having a baby, although it is a beautiful miracle, it will kill off any energy or desire to do your hair, let alone even shower. I pretty much sport a permanent bun. I used to dress up, wear makeup and do my hair. That feels like eons ago now. I just feel depleted; and understandably so.

Now that can't possibly be enjoyable to be around. Thankfully, the fiancee and I are kind of in a funk together. He notices, but he's a very understanding guy because he himself is exhausted to death. We both work full-time jobs. He works a 10 hour day. After work, for me, it's baby and blog time. Where is there time for me to get dressed up? Seriously, it takes me over an hour to get ready. If I have an hour, I'm conserving that energy for when it's time to clock back in.

However, since I started blogging, my exposure to all these empowered plus-sized women has awoken that spirit inside me. I didn't realize I had access to so many powerhouse women. Didn't realize the affect they'd have on me. Their energy. Their beauty. For the last two years all people hear me say is, "my back this, my neck that. I'm hungry." I think it's time to give that up.

It's time to bring sexy back. I need to get back into dolling up. I remember how nice it used to make me feel. It's that feeling I'm talking about when you stare yourself in the mirror and your like, "I looook goooood." And you truly FEEL GOOD. That feeling is so important to your health and happiness.

Some people celebrate that feeling by going out for a night on the town. Me? My home is my town. I can't go anywhere I have lives to manage. So I'm going to celebrate by playing dress up. My birthday is around the corner. I'll drag the fiancee into it. It'll be fun. You have to make time for fun and romance.

So ladies, for the love of fun and romance, I need to shower, shave and put me on one of these. Check out these bad-ass lingerie sets!



Lace Flower Sexy Cutout Plus Size Sheer Lingerie Set

by Lalagen

I love this. I feel like putting on some boots with this one. Combat boots.


Bra Set Women's Plus size Lingerie Outfit Bralette with Panties

by Zerolove

The bralette is the hottest thing right now. This would be my first bralette.



Sexy Lingerie for Women Lace Sexy Outfits with Garter-belts Plus Size Lingerie

by Kamaqi

This sexy outfits including Teddy Lingerie, handcuffs, G-string(Not include the stocking)



Sleepwear Plus Size Mini Dress Lingerie Set Lace Nightwear

by Elacucos

This is my absolute favorite though. Sexy yet elegant. Most important it's comfortable.

All of a sudden it got hot in here ladies. I'll leave you here with a few more lingerie sets that I find Sexy AF....

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