Am I alone in saying: I don't mind eating healthy but I still want my burgers and fried chicken? I do love my fruits and veggies but eating healthy can be challenging and costly at times. Take a piece of salmon for example. If I go to a restaurant I can get two cheeseburger deluxe to my one order of salmon. See what I mean? I'm going with the burger please because it's less expensive and just as yummy.

We all know though eating too many fatty foods like that isn't good for you either. Maybe we should try the Atkins diet, or a Paleo Diet. Well then farewell rice, potatoes, pasta, cereal, salt and pepper. No bread. No carbs. Just eat the air.

That a little extreme don't you think? Like where's the balance?

I fluctuated with my weight for years. Tried different ways to drop pounds but I never really followed thru because they were so extreme and hard to keep up with. All that does to you is make you feel even worse because you feel bad for not following through with it.

I found what worked for me was walking (not power walking) and I swapped out all drinks for water. I didn't run marathons. Didn't change the food I ate and I lost 40 lbs. in the

span of one summer. I never stopped eating what I wanted though. I just ate smaller portions. I'm not talking about a cup of this or a cup of that either. I just served myself a little less and less and there I was controlling my portions with ease. I didn't make myself suffer. I was at peace with my body. When I decided to love myself the way I am that's where I found balance. I believe that's how I've managed to keep the 40 lbs. off too because I stopped walking years ago.

I didn't realize that I was body shaming myself because I didn't look like the image acceptable to the masses. Meanwhile the masses aren't paying my bills. The masses don't take care of me when I'm sick, my fiancee does. So who am I trying to make happy here?

But it's not just the food or the workout, because I could eat a healthy burger 1000 different ways. I could workout and sweat bullets but if ALL I'm eating are burgers and fried chicken I won't see results. It's all about the Balance.

So go ahead and have a burger, just don't have a double quarter-pounder. Have the fried chicken just pair it with zucchini sticks instead of fries. Don't beat yourself up though. Love yourself.

Here are some more really delicious meal ideas you should try out. They're balanced. Stop shaming. Start living.

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