Have you been thinking about getting your child a cell phone? I have. I really can’t make up my mind about it, because the child I'm considering it for is a toddler.

My son, who is now 19, had his first cell phone at the young age of 7-years-old. Pretty young, I know. We moved into a new neighborhood and the school bus service wasn't available because we were too close. So my son walked with other kids to school, but he had a cell phone. He'd text me every day when he got to school, when he got home from school and if he was going to the park afterward. Even though I felt 7 was too young, it was my only sense of security. I’m seeing this is the deciding factor in most parents’ choice to purchase a cell phone.

You’ll notice more kids out there with cell phones today. But what about Toddlers? I have a 2-year-old daughter who happens to love my phone more than I do. She knows how to scroll thru social feeds and like pictures. She knows how to take pictures. She talks on the phone. Watches videos on You Tube. It’s quite impressive. But I know she’s not the only one. They learn through exposure. When I was 2, cell phones were not available like that. Now, pretty much everyone has a cell phone and they’re usually on it, including me.

Although, I’m fascinated by my daughter’s ability to use the phone, she’s like always on it. She’s incredibly stimulated by it. It’s interactive in ways the TV and her other toys are not. She may be swift with the phone, but I don’t need her uploading any pictures on accident. Or to reset my phone. Not to mention, I’d like to use my phone too.

If only there was a phone that she could use. Something that’s modified more for her age, but there really isn’t anything available at this time. Though I feel that a 2-year-old is also way too young for a phone I can’t help but say to myself - why not? Really, why not? Aren’t cell phones today’s technology? Why hold her back from learning something that could potentially help advance her to a promising future?

I loaded up an old phone with a bunch of toddler apps for her and it was a wrap. She loved it. Until it broke of course. Something else to consider when deciding on getting a phone. Because the phone was obsolete, there was no fixing it. It would’ve cost more to repair it than to replace it.

Alternatively, she is using the Leap Frog Leap Pad Platinum. It’s engaging and she’s learning new things. It takes a good beating too. But she doesn’t see me on a Leap Frog. She sees me on my cell phone. She still wants my phone.


I saw on the web today a campaign Sprint is running related to the topic at hand, They have some great information on there; some interesting facts. The pros and cons of getting a phone. There’s even a quiz, the “Readiness Quiz,” to see if my daughter was ready for a phone. She's not. So the conversation continues for a while before we eventually move forward in purchasing a phone for her. But I’m thinking I’m not alone on this. Give it a few years there will be a phone for toddlers because there’s a demand for it.

How do you feel about kids with cell phones?



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